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9. T Kost (tkost999)
Femr2, this is major_tom.  Please try to contact me.

And great site!

8. Pablo Novi (Pablo)
Hi femr2,
Great site. I first became aware of you from over at the "the911forum" where your participation has been awesome, imo.
It's been very humbling to have to recognize how little science of 911 I've actually known after having tried very hard for the last 9.5 years to understand the destruction of the Twin Towers. (btw, I was sure from day 1 that it was an inside job, MIHOP).
This note coincides with correspondence there about how to improve that site, and in which I've recommended a "map", or overview of things like: 1)what (consensus-wise) has been achieved so far; 2) what's hot currently; 3)what's not being but yes needs to be scientifically looked into soon.
You responded (about 2 years it looks like after previously suggesting such) that a map's a good idea.
In regards to architectural (& video analysis) technical discussions, I'm "in over my head". It kind of reminds me of reading "Scientific American" articles. In the case of many of them, I only have a chance of understanding them if I repeatedly re-read them.
P.S. I went to you tube and watched one of your videos. Then when I tried to replay it or, since then, when I've tried to view any of them, I can't, and I see what looks like arabic letters in the place of english (if this helps give any clue to what technical glitch is occuring).
Keep up the awesome technical work and open attitude,

7. (guarneri)
Hi Femr2,

great website, great work with neutrality! Thanks.

Most of the download files are not working (page not found error 404), can you help?

Also what happend to the R.Mackey discussion after 04/2009?


6. JostasseBex
http://brazil.mcneel.com/members/lopid.aspx lopid

5. stundie
Hi Femr2,

What an excellent model you have created.

I would highly recommend and encourage you to join Gregs forum, it is a very fair and friendly environment with plenty of knowledgeable people.



Answer: I signed a couple of days ago, but no word yet. If I get no response in the next couple of days, I'll assume the admin is not interested.

I think the value in this model is the containment of the calculations in spreadsheet form, enabling open review of all the data, and the ability to visualise the results in 3D, but hey-ho.


4. Donna Roberts (MolokoPlus1980)
Excellent website you have here. Very informative and it's certainly opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn't know about.
Keep up the good work!
Answer: Thanks. I've only been working on the site for a short while. It will gradually expand.
I'll let you know when I make significant additions. Feel free to create a login.


3. Tony
Hi femr2 its tonydayna , your really not a joke, i love ur site , your images are amazing
Answer: Thanks. If you have any questions, let me know via YT. I can always create a forum thread here for the purpose if I know the subject.

2. Gregory Urich

I would be interested in discussing the mass calculation as well as the collapse. You might be interested in joining us at http: //the911forum. freeforums. org/. We have both Frank Greening and David Benson as well as a number of truth activists who are doing good work in this area.

Best regards,

Answer: Greg,

I have created a forum here if you wish to discuss the spreadsheet content.
I'll be glad to join the911forum once we have discussed your initial quesries.

Mass Calculation Forum

Please note that correctly formed URL's are allowed here. YouTube style space separation is not required.

Kind regards,


1. QueenOfTheSharks
lol :lol: Lousy collection of junk you've got here.


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